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Speed Pomegranates

Specialists in Pomegranates

The most autonomous and robust pomegranate juicer on the market.

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The best pomegranate juice in self-service contexts

  • Maximum efficiency and productivity

    Speed Pomegranates provides all the speed and autonomy to make the freshest juice and adapt to the needs of all kinds of businesses.
    It is ideal for hotels and supermarkets, as it offers a greater number of juice servings without the need for an operator, with up to 100 kg of non-stop production and a juicing capacity of 30 pieces of fruit per minute.
  • Prepared for any type of pomegranate

    Speed Pomegranates’ innovative juicing system, which has been designed especially for pomegranates, adapts perfectly to the thickness and hardness of the toughest peel.
    Speed Pomegranates offers premium, ready-to-drink pomegranate juice, thanks to its filter system, high-performance motor and titanium blade.
    Juices pomegranates ranging from 75 to 95 mm, or from 65 mm to 85 mm, with the Speed Pomegranates S Kit.
  • Titanium blade

    A hardwearing blade designed for efficient pomegranate cutting that stays sharper for longer.
  • Automatic PulpOut system

    Specifically designed for pomegranates. Triple filtering with automatic conveyor belt to remove seeds and pulp, optimising performance and juice quality.
  • Pomegranate juice: the increasingly popular superfood

    Pomegranates are classed as a superfood and are attracting growing interest among consumers. Speed Pomegranates, which was designed from scratch by our engineers, is Zumex’s innovative solution to enjoy a quick and easy ready-to-drink juice.
    Benefits of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice:
    • It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
    • It is a source of vitamins C and E and of polyphenols.
    • It protects against the harmful effects of exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV-B).
    • It is effective against anaemia, due to its high iron content.